• See the Beauty in Everything!

    At Finders Be Keepers, we curate and celebrate the beauty of unique antiques and vintage home decor, making every space a reflection of artistic expression. Today, we are thrilled to invite you to dive deeper into the essence of beauty with our blog post, "The Awakened Artist, Beauty in Everything."

    Seeing the Beauty in Life
    In this enlightening blog post, we explore the idea that art is not confined to canvases and sculptures, but is all-encompassing, woven into the very fabric of life itself. "The Awakened Artist, Beauty in Everything," delves into the profound notion that every aspect of existence is an exquisite masterpiece of creation.
  • Celebrate Your Life with Style

    Life is a canvas awaiting our unique touch, a chance to turn it into a masterpiece through personal style. "Celebrate Your Life with Style" isn't just a phrase – it's a philosophy that transforms how we navigate the world.

    Style is more than fashion; it's self-expression. It's seen in our clothes, cars, and homes, composing the song of our lives. It leaves a mark, reminding others we are walking works of art.

    Childhood memories, like my mother dressing me, shape our aesthetic appreciation. Early influences shape who we become.

    As an artist, I cherish diverse beauty, labeling myself a "Treasure Hunter." Creating findersbekeepers.com, I share these treasures, believing life's beauty is meant to be shared.

    Style isn't just clothing; it's a lifestyle. It's seen in lamps, paintings, vintage chairs – a narrative of our lives. Through my store, I share these treasures.

    Style is a language, reflecting confidence and passions wordlessly. It's a canvas we paint with our essence, evolving with us.

    Childhood mornings and unique pieces evoke emotions. My online store, findersbekeepers.com, unites artistry and life's beauty.

    Embracing style is rebelling against conformity. It's celebrating our individuality, standing out in a world that demands blending in.

    Let's adorn life's canvas with personal style, infusing it with passions. Find objects that resonate with your journey on findersbekeepers.com. Celebrate life with style – a way to infuse our existence with beauty and authentic self-expression.
  • "Discovering the Beauty of Satsuma: The Timeless Elegance of Japanese Lamps"

    "Satsuma style is a beautiful and unique type of Japanese pottery that has been popular for centuries. In this blog post, we explore the beauty and history of Satsuma style and its unique features that make it a valuable addition to any interior design. We focus on a stunning pair of Japanese Satsuma style lamps, which boast intricate hand-painted scenes and elegant wooden bases. These lamps are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

    We delve into the history of Satsuma style, explaining its origin and significance in Japanese culture. Satsuma ware was first produced in the late 16th century in the Kagoshima region of Japan. Originally created for everyday use, it quickly became a popular export item due to its intricate design and exquisite detail.

    Our blog post goes on to describe the unique features of Satsuma style, including its signature crackled glaze and hand-painted scenes of Japanese life and mythology. We also discuss how to properly use Satsuma style lamps in a variety of interior design settings, such as in a traditional Japanese-style room or as an eye-catching statement piece in a contemporary living space.

    At Finders Be Keepers, we pride ourselves on sourcing unique works of art for our clients. These Satsuma style lamps are no exception, and we go out of our way to find the most beautiful and captivating pieces for our customers. Whether you're a collector of Japanese pottery or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your home, these lamps are sure to impress."